NVIDIA G71 to use dual-slot cooling

The Inquirer is reporting that NVIDIA is preparing a dual-slot version of its GeForce 7 series to counter ATI's upcoming R520. The new card will apparently be based on a tweaked G71 graphics processor, feature 512MB of memory, and use a dual-slot cooler to achieve higher clock speeds than the GeForce 7800 GTX.
After the company from Satan Clara learned that R520 is going to use dual slot copper cooling in X850XT Press Edition-style, it gave the green light to the engineers that are trying to make the board to break every speed record set by Nvidia's G70 and ATU's R520 - OC gurus such as Macci and Oppainter excluded, of course.
ATI hasn't officially confirmed whether R520 will require dual-slot cooling, but one would hope that the new graphics chip will be launched soon.
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