ATI plans CrossFire rebate

Xbit Labs is reporting that ATI will offer a $100 rebate to those buying into its CrossFire multi-card graphics platform.
In order to get a rebate, customers should purchase a RADEON X8-series product, register it and get a so-called e-coupon, buy a RADEON X8- CrossFire Edition graphics card by September 29th and then mail in the completed e-coupon and the UPC code from the CrossFire Edition graphics card. ATI promises to send a $100 check within 8 weeks after the company receives the codes.
It's unclear if the rebate will apply only to new Radeon X800 PCI Express purchases, or whether current owners will be able to get in on the deal. The latter would of course be preferable, but CrossFire Edition graphics cards and compatible motherboards aren't yet available on the market.
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