Weekly folding update

Have you been keeping an eye on this? It doesn't make you feel very good, does it? But that's ok. Becoming doodyheads won't be the end of the world if it comes to that. The bottom line is that this competition with Rage3D is drawing to a close, and both of our teams have worked together (yes, together) to do more work for the cause than we would have had we been going it alone. This is exactly the point of having a competitive aspect in the first place. So for those of you put off by our obsession with production and statistics, please realize that this is why we get excited about it. Every production battle we fight among ourselves or against other teams is a victory for the cause as a whole.

That said, if we're destined to be doodyheads, let us at least get on Rage3D's threat list before it happens. It'll save us a little name calling at the very least. We need 30,000 points per day in two weeks gerbils. Push! We're not giving up by a long shot.

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