AMD to raise some processor prices?

The Register is speculating that AMD may actually raise the price of some of its processors for the third quarter of this year. AMD's Sempron line will apparently see a price cut next month, but the company also wants to raise the average selling price of its processors for the quarter.
He said that the Sempron line will account for 50 per cent of the processors AMD will sell in Q3 for use in PCs. He also said that the company plans to increase its average selling price in a bid to raise its Q3 net income, suggesting Athlon 64, 64-FX and Turion prices will have to rise to balance the ASP-reducing effect of the Sempron price cuts.
An Athlon price hike surely wouldn't be popular among enthusiasts, although given AMD's general performance advantage over Intel, higher prices may not be out of line. AMD may also be reluctant to raise the price of its Opteron processors, as that could slow the processor's adoption in more lucrative server markets.
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