Evil hacker movies from hell

There's a somewhat perplexing article on ABCNEWS.com talking about a trojan horse program disguised as a movie clip. Supposedly 2,000 computers have the program resident on their hard drives, and it sounds as though it's meant to help launch DDOS attacks.

The article manages to go into almost no detail about the doomsday program, however; it supposedly sends passwords and other information to the hackers, then turns the machine into a zombie for DDOS attacks. Missing are such unimportant little tidbits as how to tell whether or not a computer has the trojan on it. Thanks a lot, guys.

So, in summary, your computer may have a nasty trojan on it that may send critical system data to a hacker somewhere, and make your machine a launching point for a DOS attack. Thanks to a tight-lipped security firm, at this point there's no way to tell if you're one of the lucky winners or not. Sleep well.

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