Imagination Tech announces new PowerVR IP

Imagination Technologies has unveiled the PowerVR SGX, a graphics architecture for PDAs and mobile phones that sports many of the features you'd expect from a next-gen graphics card.
The new-generation PowerVR SGX offers all the advantages of PowerVR’s highly efficient tile based architecture. Unlike traditional graphics solutions that demand expensive memory or very large silicon areas, PowerVR's unique, patented tile-based rendering and deferred pixel shading architecture allows a very small silicon die to deliver higher performance and higher image quality, at lower power consumption, than competing technologies.

PowerVR SGX takes the PowerVR architecture to the next level with a unified scalable shader engine (USSE™), which combines vertex shader and pixel shader features in a single scalable processing unit, enabling mobile semiconductor and device manufacturers to plan a roadmap where PowerVR will continue to enable the best performance in the most efficient architecture for the mobile industry.

The SGX also supports DirectX 9, OpenGL 2.0, and Shader Model 3. Not bad for a chip family whose die size would range from 2mm2 to 8mm2 on a 90-nano process. Imagination Technologies isn't selling actual chips, though. Instead, they're looking to license the PowerVR SGX IP to interested parties.
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