Weekly folding update

We just have a few things today. First, I'd like your take on Operation F.A.D.D.. Please check out the thread and post your comments here. Second, I'd like to proudly report that The Terahertz Project is past the 75% mark. Nice work guys! Third, and I was thinking about this before, JavaDog's ROV project got Slashdotted. Our team needs to do something worthy of our own Slashdotting to stir up some excitement and get people pumped up. We need to think big, like renting a billboard near a highway or hiring a plane to fly over a beach pulling a TRfolding.org sign, put pictures of the stunt online, and tell Slashdot about it. They've got a pretty big audience; let's captivate their minds and show them that team 2630 is the place to be. Post your ideas below. If you can't do it, maybe someone else can.
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