We don' need no steenking slocket!

Dan Rutter at Dan's Data wrote in to inform us that he's managed to get hold of a Slot A Thunderbird. You know, the ones that are supposedly only available to big name OEM's. He ended up getting one from what appears to be a "regular" mail-order shop.

Of course, this is Australia we're talking about; perhaps for whatever reason AMD has decided Australian retailers get Slot A T-Birds, but U.S. retailers don't. Personally, I'm keeping my fingers crossed hoping that's not the case.

Anyway, Dan did a good job of putting the thing through its paces; check out the article here. He first tried cranking the thing up via FSB adjustments, then later cracked it open with a pair of pliers and stuck a GFD on it. The 700 MHz part made it up to 850, but didn't want to go any higher.

Still, this appearance of a Slot A Thunderbird for individual sale is promising; I'm just hoping that if more of them show up, some will get closer to 1 GHz or more. Anyway, for all the details, go read the article.

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