Opteron 100 makes the leap to Socket 939

We've expected this for a while, but it's official. The Opteron 100 series will now drop into AMD's Socket 939 infrastructure and no longer require registered DIMMs. From the press release:
SUNNYVALE, Calif. -- August 2, 2005 --AMD (NYSE:AMD) today announced general availability of the AMD Opteron™ 100 Series processors that now feature error-correcting code (ECC) unbuffered memory support. Based on overwhelming customer demand in an increasing number of critical markets for one-way servers and workstations, AMD is expanding the types of memory supported by the AMD Opteron 100 Series processors. This new type of memory support is now the standard for the 100 Series.

AMD will continue to deliver AMD Opteron 100 Series processors using registered memory to existing customers that require them; including customers who are designing high-end products based on the AMD64 embedded processor roadmap.

AMD will make a full range of Opterons, from the 144 up to the dual-core 175, available in the Socket 939 package. The dual-core models "are expected to be available within 30 days." To go along with these workstation and server-class processors, mobo makers like Tyan and SuperMicro will be supplying workstation and server motherboards with 939-pin sockets. Sun has also introduced the Ultra 20 Workstation based on the new 100-series Opterons.
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