Intel to exit entry-level chipset market?

Citing sources at first-tier motherboard manufacturers and OEMs, DigiTimes is reporting that Intel is planning to exit the entry-level chipset business. Intel has yet to confirm the story, so it's hard to tell what the company might consider entry-level. The DigiTimes article mentions Intel's intention to phase out its 865 and 915PL/GL chipsets in the fourth quarter of this year, with an exit of the low-end chipset market to follow. However, according to Intel's own chipset product page, the 865 and 915PL/GL chipsets are considered "Mainstream Desktop" products. Perhaps by the end of the year, they'll be bumped down into the "Value Desktop."

If Intel is exiting the low-end chipset market, SiS and VIA may be best poised to pick up the slack. Still, it seems odd that Intel's new focus on integrated platforms wouldn't have something to offer entry-level systems.

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