The news has been thin here this past week, in part because everybody was at Computex, and in part because I'm slaving away behind the scenes on a review I think you all will appreciate once it's done. So hold on just a little longer...

While my family and I were traveling this past weekend, the folks at Midwest Express airlines were kind enough to let my 9-month-old son pilot the plane between D.C. and their Milwaukee hub. He's all business once a flight's underway, but he let me into the cockpit during the pre-flight check, so I snapped a picture:

I guess all those simulator hours are finally starting to pay off.

Meanwhile, in Singapore, the world gasped as our buddy Fatality actually lost a Quake tourney, though not by much. The tourney was double elmination, and the first guy who beat him won their first match 13 to 8. When they played again, Fatality smacked him down 38 to 9. However, that loss combined with one other to lead to a 2nd-place finish for Fatality, giving [9]Blue first place in the final match. Ah well, you can't win 'em all. You can just come really, really close.

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