Windows Vista to combat slowdowns over time

The fresh Windows install has become something of a ritual for many PC users who fear the way OS performance seem to slow down over time. Anyone who has seen a system with something like 25 mostly unnecessary program icons stacked up in the system tray understands why this kind of thing happens. Now, it seems that Microsoft is looking to address the problem in Windows Vista, according to a CNET report.

Vista will incorporate an array of automatic functions, including disk defragmenting, prefetching of commonly used applications into memory, and a performance control panel, in order to make systems snappier. The key, of course, will be the tracking and removal of unnecessary programs, including spyware and "helper" apps for everything under the sun. The report is skeptical, as am I, about this effort's prospects, but we can hope that it will improve the experience of the average user, at least.

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