Weekly Folding update

We are doodyheads.

Team TR has lost its race with Rage3D to overtake Ars. It was a great race, one that was very close at multiple times. In the end, the mighty power of 1920x1080i-How???, the world's highest producing folder, and the rest of the stellar Rage3D crew were too much for us. We suffered an embarrassing defeat, still trailing Ars by two months. We will bear the title of doodyheads for as long as Rage3D is ahead of us, so please help us redeem ourselves by joining the team and fighting back!

We have another reason to pick it up, as well: team Maximum PC Magazine is on our threat list and has been for a few days now. With an overtake date more that six years away, they're not an immediate danger, but I don't like them being there all the same. We only need 5,000 points per day to shake them off, and we've got six people on our team who produce that much all by themselves. We should be able to come up with that many points in our sleep. Let's show the world that we've got some fight left!

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