I only got to be there for two days, but my time at QuakeCon was definitely eventful. I mentioned in the Friday Night Topic that folks had endured some gross things in order to win video cards, and some of you asked for details. Chris Morris has the dirt on NVIDIA's kickoff party. It started here:
There were no power point presentations. There were no corporate executives droning on about the advantages of their product over the competition. The afternoon started with a call for women in the audience who were willing to have their head shaved for an older video card, which carries a retail price of $170. Two women leapt at the opportunity.
...and got more interesting as the stakes got higher. 'twas definitely something to see, and a major improvement over last year's GeForce 6600GT launch. I hope they find a way to make something like this a new QuakeCon tradition.

Unfortunately, I missed out on Kyle's HardOCP workshop and much of the rest of the weekend, but I did get to see John Carmack's keynote speech. I'll try to write more about that soon.

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