XFX offers "Double Lifetime" warranty coverage

XFX has beefed up its warranties, offering "Double Lifetime" coverage for all GeForce 6- and 7-series graphics cards.
Here's the deal: We will repair and service your 6-Series or 7-Series Graphics Card for as long as you own it. All you have to do is register the card with us online. And, should you sell or transfer the card, we'll honor the warranty for the card's second owner, too, as long as they register it with us online.
Coverage for secondary owners is only guaranteed if a card's original owner registered with XFX. Additionally, secondary owners may be charged for any parts needed for a repair.

In a graphics card market dominated by cookie cutter reference designs, extended warranty coverage can really make a product stand out. We've praised BFG's lifetime warranty in the past, and XFX appears to have raised the bar. Let's hope other manufacturers follow suit, and not just with graphics cards, either.

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