Worms infest Windows boxes

There are widespread reports this morning of worms infesting computers inside corporate networks globally. Oddly, stories like this News.com report say it's not one single worm, and that the spread of the worms isn't affecting users generally on the Internet so much as it is hitting entire corporate networks once a variant makes its way inside. The guys at Trend Micro sound perplexed:
"It seems like every couple of minutes a new variant comes in. We cannot pinpoint the infections to one variant," said Joe Hartmann, director of the antivirus research group at Trend Micro. "We are still gathering infection reports. It is coming globally."
Symantec's Security Response site has listings on multiple variants of the Zotob worm in its list of the latest threats, among others. Some reports are saying an exploit of this Plug and Play vulnerability is key in the worms' spread, so you may want to patch for it. Affected operating systems include Win2K, WinXP SP1 and SP2, Windows XP Pro x64, and various flavors of Windows Server 2003.
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