Weekly folding update

UnitedGerbilNation hits 1,000,000! Congratulations to those who have folded under the UGN banner for all these years. Over the course of its existence, UGN has consisted of dozens—if not hundreds—of different folders who have taken it upon themselves to give up personal glory in the hopes of creating something bigger than the sum of its parts. Currently lead by jeffry55, UGN is ranked 11th on our team and 230th in the world. Good work, gerbils.

If you've folded for UGN before, please consider firing up the client again. I can promise you that you'll receive a warm welcome back, and the one million point milestone is a great time to rejoin the ranks. If you haven't folded before but are interested, UGN is the perfect place to test the waters. If you're ready to join and just need to know how, here's your answer in once sentence: download your choice of client here, and during installation, enter "UnitedGerbilNation" as your username, "2630" as your team number. It's that simple. The official Stanford Folding@home page is a good place to start if you have questions about folding, and you can also ask around in TR's DC forum.

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