Mac Mini gutted, components priced at $275

Analyst firm iSuppli recently took apart a Mac Mini and, using its super-penetrating analyst capabilities, tallied up the price of all of the components inside of the cute little box. The result was revealing:
Analysts at the research firm dissected one of the Mac Mini computers and estimated that the total component bill likely comes to $274.69.

"With manufacturing costs added, the total rises to $283.37," iSuppli stated in a recent research note.

The total does not include costs for intellectual property, software, licensing fees, shipping, marketing or other expenses, so Apple's total bill for putting a Mac Mini together is actually higher.

The retail price on the Mac Mini system dissected is $499, so Apple might actually have decent margins on it. iSuppli also pegged Foxconn as the likely contract manufacturer of the Mini.
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