No news? Nah.

Time for a quick news update. We'd have posted more news late last night, but the TR nerve centers were threatened by an especially mean lightning storm. Both Damage Labs and Dr. Evil's Undergroud Lair had to power down.

Anyhow, while our electricity bills got a bit of a break, the web kept rollin'. You may want to check out day two of the Boy Wonder's Computex coverage. This time around, the focus is on motherboards

Speaking of which, the OCP has mention of a dual-Socket 370 Abit motherboard that's an apparent successor to the popular BP6. The problem? it's only for OEMs, not end users. Pfft.

You'll prolly also want to see the Kyro review, a true OCP-style look at the next PowerVR-based graphics card.

If you want to entertain yourself for a while, grab this utility (don't forget the INI file) and run it on your Pee Cee. It'll report a truckload of arcane info on your computer's processor, including some quick benchmarks and comparisons to a bunch of other CPUs, going back to the early days of the PC.

Saw the link to that one at JC's, where you can also see the latest edition of JC's Pricewatch analysis thingy. Basically, JC checks out the numbers and prices of various types of processors using Pricewatch, then he slices and dices the info and provides some commentary. (Scroll down the page for the good stuff.) Always an interesting peek into the real guts of processor prices and supplies.

Finally, I am, at long last, staring a real upgrade to the DamageBox in the face. But I can't quite bring myself to believe that what I'm planning to do—replace dual Celerons at 504MHz with a single Athlon at 700-750MHz—is really gonna be faster, no matter what the benchmarks say. Any comments from you SMP freaks out there? Or anti-SMP freaks?

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