EVGA builds 512MB GeForce 6800 GT

EVGA has unveiled a GeForce 6800 GT graphics card with 512MB of memory. The card is currently selling for $399, which seems a little pricey considering that GeForce 7800 GT cards can be had for less. I suppose at least one of NVIDIA's partners had to come up with a direct competitor for ATI's Radeon X800 XL 512MB, regardless of how rarely the extra memory may help performance.

The EVGA GeForce 6800 GT 512MB is a PCI Express card, so it's possible to run two in SLI. One might expect that configuration to make better use of 512MB of graphics memory, especially at extremely high resolutions. However, with NVIDIA's GeForce 6 series running into problems at resolutions above two megapixels, the benefits of 512MB of memory on a GeForce 6800 GT may be few and far between.

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