Dual-core Turions expected in early 2006

InformationWeek is reporting that AMD will launch dual-core versions of its Turion 64 mobile processors early next year. An early 2006 release date would put the dual-core Turions up against Intel's dual-core Yonah mobile part, which should also launch in the same timeframe.

Thus far, AMD has been tight-lipped about the technical details behind dual-core Turions. It's unclear whether the chips will maintain the 25W and 35W TDPs of existing Turion chips, and whether they'll be able to match Yonah's ability to shut down one CPU core to reduce power consumption. Dual-core Turions will surely be 64-bit, though. That should give them a bit of an edge over Yonah, which will lack 64-bit extensions at launch.

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