VIIV to feature Yonah processors?

Buried in a C|Net report on single-core Yonah mobile processors is a suggestion that Intel's VIIV home entertainment platform may be based on dual-core Yonah chips:
Currently in tests with Intel's partners, the next-generation Pentium M processor, code-named Yonah, is expected to be the brains behind next year's Centrino-based notebooks as well as Intel's new VIIV brand for multimedia consumer PCs. The dual-core version of the 32-bit processor is expected to include speeds of less than 2GHz with the ability to run a 667MHz processor system bus.
Yonah's low power consumption would make it an ideal candidate for a low-noise living room PC, and Intel has already revealed that VIIV systems will use dual-core processors. However, some are interpreting VIIV as a roman numeral translation of 64, which may not agree with 32-bit Yonah's initial 32-bit nature.
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