Cell documentation released

IBM, Sony, and Toshiba have released a number of new documents detailing the Cell processor. The documents cover the following topics:
  • The Cell Broadband Engine Architecture -- defines a processor structure directed toward distributed processing and multimedia applications. The architecture contains a control processor based on the Power Architecture, augmented with multiple high- performance SIMD Synergistic Processor Units and a rich set of DMA commands for efficient communications among processing elements.

  • The Synergistic Processor Unit Instruction Set Architecture (SPU ISA) -- discloses the high performance SIMD RISC processor designed to accelerate media and streaming applications for systems based upon the Cell Broadband Engine Architecture.

  • Synergistic Processor Unit C/C++ Language Extensions, Application Binary Interface, and Assembly Language specifications – which aid software developers in unleashing the full processing power of the SPUs.
IBM and Sony have already made documents available online, and Toshiba will apparently release its share shortly.
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