Matrox announces Millennium G450

Those wacky Canadians at Matrox announced their first cards based on the new G450 chip. The G450 is basically a G400 with minor tweaks, so most of what I said in my G400 review ought to apply to the new cards. Here's a snippet from the press release:
Equipped with up to 32 MB of Double Data Rate (DDR) memory, the Millennium G450 Series is designed around the highly integrated Matrox G450 2D, 3D, and DVD graphics chip. As the Millennium G450's power source, the Matrox G450 chip builds on the Matrox G400's award-winning technology. Plus, it integrates a digital flat panel transmitter, TV output encoder, secondary RAMDAC, and 64-bit DDR memory interface. Hosting all of these components onboard the Millennium G450 has allowed Matrox to introduce a more feature-rich product series that is set to standardize DualHead across more markets than ever before.
You can read the whole enchilada right here. The G450 isn't exactly a leading-edge 3D accelerator, but I understand Matrox has something up their sleeves for the high-end 3D market, too. Time will tell, eh?

And isn't it about time to retire the "Millennium" name? It's so futuristic.

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