Pentiums forever!

Intel has poured incredible amounts of cash, time, and effort into developing a 64-bit successor to the x86 processor architecture that's powered PCs since pretty much the beginning. But does all this effort mean the ol' x86 is headed out to pasture? Not necessarily, according to our former Ars mate Hannibal:
With Willamette, Intel looks poised to wring another round of performance increases out of the x86 ISA. Still, pundits continue to proclaim that the x86 ISA is old and riddled with notorious problems, and must roll over and die at some point, right? And when it does, something'll take its place, so what will that something be? Instead of answering these questions, I'm going to do a magic trick and make them disappear. When I'm done you'll see that certain processor technology trends are bringing about such a redefinition of the very concept of the Instruction Set Architecture that the above questions simply cease to exist as meaningful ways to think about the future of computing.
Read the rest of the article to see where he's going. It's a bit involved, but you can feel the Transmeta vibe all over this one.
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