Weekly folding update

We're in a slump. The loss of TheBank has hurt us badly and we have yet to recover. We need to shake it off, get out there, and stir things up a little. Ask you boss if you can fold on the systems at work. Talk to that friend of yours who has access to a lab of computers that spends two-thirds of the day doing nothing. Take advantage of all those freeloading family members whose computers you keep running despite their best efforts to destroy them with spyware and viruses. Ask them to fold for you in return for your hard work.

We've got numbers to crunch and diseases to research. We've also got two teams on our threat list, MaxPC has been there for a while, but now the dreaded SAGoons are back as well. This cannot stand. If you're not folding, you should start today. If you're already folding, I ask that you find some more machines to add to your farm as quickly as you can. It's for a great cause. How can you not want to be part of it? And don't forget to buy a TRFolding.org bumper sticker.

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