Poll time: Upcoming PC games

We have a new poll up for your voting pleasure, but before we get into that, let's briefly recap the results from our last poll on where you buy must of your PC hardware. Newegg came way out ahead of the rest of the field with 60% of the vote, followed not so closely by ZipZoomFly with 6%. 3% of voters get most of their hardware from Fry's/Outpost, while 2% voted for Best Buy, Monarch, Mwave, and TigerDirect, respectively. CompUSA, CoolerGuys, and Micro Center each captured 1% of the vote, with the remaining 20% doing most of their hardware shopping at stores not on the ballot.

This week's poll draws inspirations from the forums:

What upcoming PC game interests you the most?
There are a dozen options to choose from, and we've tried to limit our list to games that are expected to be available within the next year. I know some of you are eagerly awaiting Duke Nukem: Forever, but seriously. Go vote.
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