I'm still kind of stunned watching the aftermath of Katrina on TV. Obviously, this is a horrible disaster whose scope we're just beginning to comprehend. TR's behind-the-scenes biz guy, Adam (who goes by Inkling in the forums), sent along some info on credible charitable organizations where your donations could be put to good use in the relief and recovery efforts. They are:
  • The Red Cross — This is their main site, and you can specify that your donation should go to disaster relief, though not specifically to hurricane relief efforts.
  • Catholic Charities — They have ways to donate specifically to the hurricane relief effort.
  • The Salvation Army — Also can direct contributions specifically to hurricane relief.
  • North American Mission Board — Has a disaster relief fund.
  • Disaster News Network — Has links to multiple relief efforts, both sectarian and secular.
Feel free to post links in the comments to additional relief organizations that you know to be credible. However you choose to donate, it looks like an awful lot of folks are in need of help right now.
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