Intel's carrot-and-stick approach examined

Michael Kanellos of has written a news analysis piece exploring Intel's approach to sales negotiations. Although Intel has been powerfully effective in keeping its competition from stealing away market share over the years, Kanellos notes that Intel is very savvy in combining incentives with harsher negotiating tactics:
Those familiar with the situation say Intel can effectively defend itself in such cases because its tactics are far more subtle than those of other industry leaders with reputations for bullying and arrogance, such as Microsoft, the software half of the "Wintel" juggernaut.

"You just don't feel violated, like with Microsoft," one PC industry veteran said.

Heh. Intel's practices, of course, are at issue in the antitrust suit recently filed by AMD, and some folks think AMD may have a difficult time proving that Intel's slick combination of carrot and stick tactics violated antitrust laws.
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