Why POP3 is a good thing

Wired has an article up regarding some Hotmail users being locked out of their accounts for 10 days straight, only to find all their data gone when they finally got back in. Apparently about 330,000 people have been shut out of their e-mail for the last week and a half, but there aren't any firm numbers on how many of those lost their data. Many users still can't access their e-mail accounts at all.

Meanwhile, the Hotmail spokesperson is telling users that if their e-mail account is affected, that they can start using Hotmail again by simply opening a new account. Oh, yeah, that's great! I'm sure it automatically e-mails everybody you know and tells them your address has changed.

Personally I'd probably kick in a dollar or two a month if Hotmail would nuke my Hotmail Inbox for me. I was forced to subscribe to it to get on MSN Messenger (which I started using after ICQ started freaking out on me) but I have never given my Hotmail e-mail address to anyone. Nonetheless, I rack up dozens upon dozens of e-mails a week, and every last one of them is spam. If you're wondering how I know this if I don't use my Hotmail account, MSN Messenger tells you how many e-mails you have whenever you start it up.

I have to wonder how people can use Hotmail for their primary e-mail even when it's working properly. It'd drive me nuts if I actually had to worry about sorting out real e-mails in the pile of crap that is my Hotmail Inbox.

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