You may have noticed that today's article was written by a new face around here. I'd like to welcome Joel Hruska, formerly of Sudhian, to the TR staff. Joel brings with him years of experience in hardware reviewing and commentary, and his addition should allow us to produce even more articles for you guys to read each week. His classes in gerbil management begin today. You can harass him for sport at

Along similar lines, I've never really formally introduced Adam Eiberger, TR's biz guy, who joined us nearly a year ago now and has worked mostly behind the scenes on, well, developing our business. You may have seem him lurking around the forums, posting under the nick Inkling. Adam's the one responsible for making sure the ads you see around here rarely involve punching a monkey. If you have questions about advertising, promotions, partnerships or the like with TR, you can drop him some mail at Adam is also something of a n00b when it comes to PC hardware, although he did build his own PC back in the K7 days. If you engage him in conversation, be sure to throw in an arcane technical question or two.

Oh, also, on the staffing front, we could use some server admin help, as I've mentioned here.

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