Intel sells out of chipsets

According to Intel CFO Andy Bryant, the company is fresh out of core logic chipsets.
"We're sold out on chip sets," Bryant said during a conference call to discuss Intel's third-quarter financial update. "I think chip sets [will] remain tight into the fourth quarter."
Intel recently reprioritized its chipset manufacturing to concentrate on mobile and high-end products, but it apparently still can't produce enough to meet demand. An Intel chipset shortage should benefit NVIDIA, whose nForce4 SLI Intel Edition chipset can already be found on motherboards from Abit, Asus, Foxconn, Gigabyte, and MSI. NVIDIA also has a new nForce4 SLI X16 chipset for high-end boards, bumping the nForce4 SLI into more affordable territory.

In theory, ATI, SiS, and VIA could also benefit from an Intel chipset shortage. The market isn't exactly brimming with LGA775 motherboards based on ATI, SiS, or VIA chipsets, though.

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