Intel roadmaps revealed

— 1:01 AM on September 12, 2005

AnandTech has seen Intel's latest enterprise roadmap, which includes server and workstation chipsets, and a slew of dual-core Xeon processors. Dual-core Xeon processors are scheduled to arrive before the end of the year, followed by 65-nano chips in the first quarter of next year. Interestingly, the 65-nano Xeons will run on either a 667MHz or 1066MHz front-side bus; no 800MHz front-side bus chips are listed.

In related news, Intel will reportedly launch a 975X desktop chipset in the first quarter of next year. The chipset will be able to split 16 PCI Express lanes evenly between a pair of x16 slots, so it should better support dual-graphics configurations like SLI or CrossFire, provided that NVIDIA and ATI are willing to play ball. Somewhat surprisingly, the 975X will apparently support next-gen Conroe processors. Intel has recently developed a habit of requiring new chipsets with each processor launch, but the 975X should be available long before Conroe emerges.

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