Chaintech gets investment, won't quit mobos

Despite a DigiTimes report claiming it would exit the motherboard business, Chaintech will continue to produce motherboards after getting an investment from an outside party. The press release on Chaintech's site is in broken English, but it makes the point:
Chaintech Computer Co., Ltd claims today that it will continue its motherboard business. In addition, Chaintech announced its new name as Walton Chaintech Cooperation, following its 25% stake acquired by Walton Advanced Engineering, the leading IC testing and packaging house.

Chaintech denies it will fade away motherboard market to clarify the rumors wide spread recently. Most people recognize Chaintech brand as its contribution of motherboards and VGA cards. Chaintech shall not only phase-in new module business but also remain the motherboard and VGA card business unchanged.

So the new Walton Chaintech still plans to launch a new memory module product line, but not at the expense of its motherboard lineup.

In fact, as if to underline is commitment to mobos, Chaintech today announced the Zenith VE V945P motherboard based on Intel's 945P chipset. This board fits into a standard ATX form factor and will accept LGA775-style processors.

This espisode may trigger memories of a confusing series of reports involving Soyo motherboards, but Chaintech doesn't appear to be lending its motherboard brand to a separate company.

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