Intel gets licenses for both SLI and CrossFire

Those wonderfully leaky sources at Taiwan's motherboard makers have let slip another nugget of news to the folks at DigiTimes. Word is that Intel's upcoming 975X chipset will support dual-graphics technologies from both ATI and NVIDIA:
Intel has reached a licensing agreement with both Nvidia and ATI that will allow Intel users access to drivers to enable SLI or CrossFire, the sources noted. The 975X will target the high-end segment with an initial price tag of US$50 (for 10k lots), or at the same level as Intel’s 955X chipset.
We've already noted that ATI will support CrossFire on the 955X chipset, but the SLI development is new. NVIDIA's long-time official stance on the use of third-party chipsets with SLI has mentioned nothing of a licensing agreement required to achieve SLI validation—just a good, solid dual PCI Express implementation that's compatible and performs well—yet no third-party chipset has been validated to date.
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