I have studiously avoided role-playing games, and especially multiplayer ones, out of sheer respect and fear of the utter, time-sucking power they can exert over the player. Oh, sure, I've made exceptions here and there, dabbled in things to see how the genre has progressed over time, but I've kept my personal involvement to a minimum. Just let me stick to UT2004 or the like; it's best for everyone.

I knew that record would take a hit when I purchased Guild Wars last week in order use it for graphics testing. One can't very well play test a game without knowing how to play it, so I decided to try out Guild Wars last night after dinner.

When I stopped my virtually uninterrupted gaming session at 12:30AM, my character was at level 5.

Andy told me this morning: "Put the virtual crack pipe down and back away slowly." I think that's very good advice. I'm afraid I have the type of personality that could get lost in something like that, only to emerge months later with a vague awareness that I used to have a job, family, and home. Great game, though, and it will be easy to benchmark with FRAPS. Maybe I can level up a few times as I'm, err, testing.

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