AnandTech unloads next-gen ATI details

Ronald already covered this in the 'bread, but it deserves a little extra love. AnandTech has published everything it knows about ATI's upcoming R520, RV530, and RV515 graphics products. The article's "pre-NDA extravaganza" title suggests that official briefings are pending, which means the official launch shouldn't be too far off.

Despite rumors that R520 may have as many as 32 pixel pipelines, AnandTech maintains that cards will launch with 16 pipes. These R520 cards will carry a Radeon X1800 moniker, and high-end XT and XL variants will be equipped with 512MB of memory. For the mid-range market, cards based on the RV530 will be known as the Radeon X1600 series. Equipped with 12 pixel pipelines, a 128-bit memory bus, and between 128MB and 512MB of memory, these cards are purported to have very low power consumption. Following convention, the low-end RV515 will arrive in the Radon X1300 series. RV515 is a four-pipe design, and as you might expect, HyperMemory variants will be available.

Of course, ATI has yet to confirm any details of its next-gen graphics architecture. Speculation is fun, though, and the AnandTech piece is loaded with plenty of other tasty morsels on pricing, H.264 decode acceleration, and even R580.

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