TiVo shoehorns copy protection into OS update

PVRblog has a story about TiVo's addition of copy protection—excuse me, "content protection" or "digital rights management"—into its latest OS update. According to the story, programs marked by the copyright holder can't be saved beyond a certain date and can't be transferred to TiVoToGo. This is a loss of functionality for long-time TiVo owners, who are accustomed to being able to treat recorded content as they please.

There's also a bit of a controversy over whether regular TV programs will be affected by this change. Apparently, the plan is for only pay-per-view and video-on-demand content to be flagged as limited, but some folks have seen syndicated programs flagged, as well. TiVo says these are false positives, perhaps caused by signal noise. Ah, the joys of not being in control—just the reason I went for a digital video recorder, right?

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