Why Apple chose Intel instead of AMD

MacWorld has an attempt at analysis about why Apple chose Intel over AMD. The article misses some fundamentals—for instance, completely ignoring the existence of the Turion processor—but it does signal that the Mac community is finally picking up on most likely reasons for Apple's switch to Intel:
The reason, industry analysts say, is that Jobs has a clear goal in mind: innovative designs. And such designs require the lowest-voltage chips, which IBM and Freescale were not going to make with the PowerPC chip core—and which AMD has not yet perfected

"This is a practical, pragmatic Steve Jobs decision," says Shane Rau, Program Manager, PC Semiconductors for market research firm IDC. Intel serves up the most complete line of low-power chips for mobile and small form factor computers, and a good-looking future roadmap for it. Also, Intel’s mammoth production capacity erases any supply worries.

Yonah is even pinpointed as the possible tipping point for Apple, which is what I've argued in the past. AMD's Turion hasn't yet hit the lower power envelopes that the Pentium M can, and Yonah promises even better performance per watt than current Pentium M processors. I'll betcha Apple's design folks are already cooking up some sleek-looking Mac systems for low-voltage Yonah variants.
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