Rolly polly!

Well, our poll about Microsoft's punishment produced some wild results. Coming up in last place was the solution actually pushed by the DoJ and adopted by the Judge: a two-way split (3%). However, that doesn't mean folks were feeling kind to MS. Well, except for you MS tools out there (19%) who wanted to see the company "left alone" as its punishment. Ha!

Among the rest who would punish MS, 12% wanted MS busted into three parts. Meanwhile, the Linux lovers' vote was agonizingly split between forcing MS to open some Windows source code (also part of Judge Jackson's ruling, and 19%) and the most popular choice: having MS "stripped, whipped, and beaten like a drum" (a full 29%).

Up next: Biggest PC bottleneck? A burning question whose answer doesn't include any choices about the network or Internet access. Sorry, folks, but we already know 33.6Kbps is slow.

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