Beyond3D unwraps ATI Avivo video pipeline

Beyond3D has published a preview of Avivo, a collection of ATI video technologies that will be incorporated in upcoming graphics and video capture products.
The Avivo term spans both the capture and encode technologies, covered by ATI's Theater products, as well as a new video decode, post processing and display pipeline. As the AVIVO decode, post process and display pipeline spans the full range of ATI's next generation graphics, from integrated all the way up to the high end R520 products, ATI are giving a quick insight into the technology prior to the release of the next generation 3D graphics parts.
Avivo's ability to accelerate the much of the H.264 decoding process looks particularly promising for home theater PCs. It looks like All-in-Wonder cards with hardware-accelerated MPEG2 encoding may be in the cards, as well.
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