Mark Rein speaks out against pre-played games

In a recent interview with Computer and Video Games, Epic VP Mark Rein brings up an interesting issue regarding the resale of second hand software by retailers.
If you walk into EB in the US, they try and sell you a second hand version of a game before a new one. I think that's bad. It would be fine if they share that revenue with us. They can also be marketing partners with us as well. We can have an official refurbished games policy. That's the problem. Those resold games use server resources, tech support. The majority of guys calling up saying "I don't have my serial number", I'm sure a lot of those are resold. It costs us money. Those customers think they paid for it, and they're entitled to support. The reality is, we didn't get paid. They didn't pay us.
It's an interesting argument, particularly for online multiplayer games that require authentication and a valid CD key. Rein seems more concerned with retailers reselling used games for profit rather than gamers selling or even trading titles amongst themselves, though.
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