Intel, Microsoft back HD-DVD

Intel and Microsoft have joined Toshiba, Sanyo, NEC, and others in backing the HD-DVD standard.
There are several reasons the two companies went with HD DVD, said Richard Doherty, Microsoft's program manager for media entertainment convergence. Among them: HD DVD requires that movies may be copied to a consumer's hard drive, making it easier for people to send movies around home networks; HD DVD supports regular DVD recordings on the flip side of the disc, letting people sell hybrid discs to consumers who have DVD players today but fear their discs will be obsolete; and HD DVD offers more capacity.
Intel believes that throwing its and Microsoft's support behind HD-DVD will help the format become the dominant standard for next-gen DVDs. The rival Blu-ray format has plenty of big name backers of its own, though. Sony, Dell, HP, Philips, Samsung, Sharp, Apple, and Sun have all pledged support for the Blu-ray, and none appear interested in retreating.
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