Number of Bluetooth devices to double this year

Bluetooth popularity is apparently on the rise, with market research firm In-Stat predicting that the number of devices will double this year.
“Mobile phones are at the core of Bluetooth’s popularity. They are in turn helping Bluetooth penetrate into other products, including notebook PCs, mono and stereo headsets, automobiles, and portable digital music players,” says Brian O’Rourke, In-Stat analyst.
Over 300 million Bluetooth-enabled units are expected to ship this year, and the technology has even made its way into sunglasses and motherboard bundles. Bluetooth's newfound popularity has been a long time coming, though. For years, the technology was touted as the next big thing, but it appears to have taken the exploding popularity of cell phones to really lift Bluetooth's profile. Still, with less bandwidth than Wi-Fi and Wireless USB, Bluetooth's potential remains limited.
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