It's not just me!

Last week I posted a story about Hotmail outages and took some time to rant about how terrible the spam problem is on Hotmail (I get dozens of spam messages a week, despite having never given a soul my Hotmail address).

Good timing on my part, apparently, as Wired has posted an article about Hotmail spam. They relate the experience of one user who has 30 filters in place on his account, yet still receives 6-10 pieces of spam a day. The user in question also has accounts with Earthlink and Netscape, but claims that Hotmail is the only one with a spam problem.

I should probably point out again (as I did in my mini-rant) that I only have a Hotmail account because you have to sign up for one to use MSN Messenger. It's only a minor annoyance for me personally (pop-ups telling me how many new spam mails I have whenever I fire up MSM), but I really feel sorry for people who have to weed through the spam to get to real e-mail.

Interestingly, I talked with a co-worker who has a Yahoo account, and he claims he has no spam problem at all. I don't really use any free e-mail services for e-mail, but out of curiosity, for those of you who do, what are your experiences with the various services out there? Which ones are the best and worst for spam, reliability, etc.? Comment here.

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