ATI says CrossFire to be available shortly

During Friday's adventure, we asked ATI for an update on the availability of CrossFire hardware. Here's the latest, straight from ATI:
Radeon X850 XTs CrossFire Edition cards have been shipped to Newegg and we expect them to be posted any time now and we are confident no later than the end of the week. The X800 XLs and X800s will follow shortly after—around October 10th.

DFI's CrossFire Edition motherboards will also be available on Newegg at the end of this week/beginning of next. The others: MSI, ASUS, GBT, ECS, PCPartner, ABIT will follow will follow shortly thereafter.

Feeding the term "CrossFire" into Newegg's search engine doesn't produce anything of significance just yet, but perhaps that will change soon.
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