Weekly folding update

After what I'll call some "irregularity" due to factors like my vacation and troubling personal issues, the folding update is back, and boy have I got some cool stuff for you this week. First, I think it's appropriate to acknowledge Captain Ahab's victory over the White Whale. For the uninitiated, I'm talking about one of the greatest battles TR folding has ever seen: leor vs idchafee. Props to both of you for your hard work and contributions to the cause, and congratulations to leor on the win.

Next on the list is something very cool that I should have showcased weeks ago, I'm talking about notfred's folding CD generator. This little beauty, which you can download here, generates an ISO image custom made for your folding need. Burn it to a CD, boot it up, and poof, you have an instant dedicated folder! This is the ideal solution for those who are intimidated by running diskless or have a couple extra boxes laying around (or enough parts to build one) but are too lazy to get them folding by other means. There's also a USB thumb drive version that backs up completed work to the drive so there's no data loss if the power goes out. Considering it's only a matter of time before 64MB drives start showing up in cereal boxes, this is a pretty good option to have. Come on, pull that old rig out of the closet and have it do something useful.

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