AOpen releases small form factor system for Turion

AOpen has announced a small form factor system barebones system designed for Mobile Athlon 64, Sempron, and Turion 64 processors. The XC Cube EX761 uses a SiS761GX north bridge, SiS965 south bridge, and features Gigabit Ethernet, Firewire, integrated graphics, and PCI Express x16 and PCI slots. It's a little surprising that more manufacturers aren't explicitly offering Turion-compatible motherboards and small form factor systems, especially given the fact that some have engineered Socket 479 products for Intel's Pentium M processor. Turion 64 platforms should at least have more flexibility when it comes to processor support, since the chip plugs into the same 754-pin socket as budget Sempron and low-end Athlon 64 processors.
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