VIA VT8251 south bridge arrives in the wild

VIA's long-awaited VT8251 south bridge has finally arrived. The chip, which was announced some eight months ago, has popped up on Asus' A8V-MX Socket 939 motherboard. Hardly an enthusiast-oriented product, the A8V-MX features a KM800 north bridge with integrated graphics, has only two DIMM slots, and lacks both Gigabit Ethernet and high definition audio. Still, it's the first VT8251 implementation we've seen on the market, and it does implement the chip's four Serial ATA ports with support for 300MB/s transfer rates and RAID 0, 1, 0+1, and 5 arrays. Let's hope it's an indication that VIA is finally ready to update its weathered K8T890 chipset, whose support for dual-core processors is suspect.
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