Apple unveils video iPod

Apple has unveiled a new iPod capable of playing back MPEG4 and H.264 video. Videos will play back on a new 2.5" 320x240 screen capable of displaying over 260,000 colors. Despite the larger screen, the new players are slightly thinner and lighter than previous iPods. Battery life has apparently been improved by five hours, as well. Apple expects to start shipping the new iPods in a week, with the 30GB and 60GB models selling for $299 and $399, respectively.

To complement the new video-capable iPod, the iTunes Music Store will begin selling music videos for $1.99. Commercial-free episodes of ABC and Disney television shows will also be available, although pricing doesn't appear to have been set. It's also unclear what kind of resolution and quality level users can expect from music video and television programming download.

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